The Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP)

MCTP and partnering organizations offer several educational workshop series for groups of Rochester youth.  These workshops are interactive, engaging and proven to be effective.  The workshops help youth become more self-confident, more hopeful about their futures, better informed, and better able to manage relationships.  There is no charge for this service.  The following is a sample of what we offer:

Project AIM: designed for groups of youth, about age 11.  In 12 workshops (50 minutes each), young people plan their futures.  The workshops ask youth to explore their own goals and strengths, and to identify possible careers and potential obstacles.  Each youth completes a portfolio that they take home.

Making Proud Choices and Be Proud Be Responsible: designed for groups of youth, ages about 12 to 17.  The interactive workshops help youth to identify their own goals, and to improve their communication skills and self-awareness.  The workshops provide information about condom use and effective contraception, health resources and healthy behaviors so that young people can protect themselves and avoid STIs, HIV and unplanned pregnancies.  The workshops are delivered in seven or eight sessions of fifty minutes each.

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