The Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP)

MCTP members believe that social marketing is a key strategy in supporting adolescents to make healthier choices. Social marketing has been shown to be effective in changing many health-related behaviors. In designing social marketing campaigns, MCTP seeks to:

  • engage youth from the beginning, in developing the message, planning the campaign, designing the materials and determining effectiveness.
  • use positive messages that call on youth to be independent and to take control of their health and their future;
  • alert youth to the fact that many of their peers are making positive choices (social norms marketing);

Adolescents are constantly bombarded with messages and marketing campaigns that promote risky behaviors. The social marketing campaigns of MCTP draw on youth creativity to reach large numbers of Rochester youth–via social media, radio, TV, billboards, outreach to schools and community events– and encourage them to be informed and responsible.

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