Youth Health Services

The following are resources available to Rochester Youth 

School Based Health Care Centers

  • East HS
  • Edison High School
  • Leadership Academy for Young Men
  • Franklin HS
  • NE/NW College Prep

Community Based Health Care Centers that provide reproductive health care to adolescents include: Planned Parenthood,  Jordan Health Center, Trillium Health and the STD Program.


LARC Initiative promotes effective and easy to use birth control:

LARC refers to effective, long-lasting and easy to use methods of birth control. The University of Rochester Medical Center is working to expand access to LARC methods–the IUD and implants. For information, contact Jessica VanScott at

There are many kinds of birth control, and people prefer different methods.  The IUD and the implant are two methods that last for years and are very reliable.  With these methods, there is no need to take a pill, place a patch, or go to a health center for a shot. Pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists have recommended the IUD and implant for most women, including teens.

A medical provider inserts the IUD or the implant in one visit.  Most teens can obtain the IUD or the implant confidentially, and at no out of pocket cost, either through their health insurance, or through the NYS Family Planning Benefit program.  For more information, contact Planned Parenthood (866-600-6886)

Mental Health Resource for Children and Adolescents

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  Condom Accessibility

 In 2011, the City of Rochester Dept. of Recreation and Youth Services adopted a policy to distribute condoms in City Recreation Centers after 6 pm. In January, 2012, the Rochester City School District Board of Education adopted a policy to make condoms accessible to high school students, with a parent opt-out process.  School nurses and school-based health centers are authorized to distribute condoms to students, along with providing personal health guidance.