The Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP)  is a coalition that unites the community behind proven best practices so that youth reach their full potential.  MCTP promotes strength-based, evidence-based and coordinated strategies to foster youth development and encourage young people to make healthy choices and avoid unplanned pregnancy.

MCTP members include many youth development and youth health organizations, the City of Rochester Dept. of Recreation and Youth Services, the Rochester City School District, the Monroe County Department of Public Health, and others.

MCTP facilitates communication and planning between partner organizations, analyzes and publicizes shared youth health measurements, issues reports to the community and sponsors staff trainings.  MCTP is part of multi-agency collaborative programs that deliver evidence-based sexuality curricula to youth and connect them to reproductive health care.  MCTP members sponsor youth leadership clubs to advocate for youth needs. Dynamic youth-led social marketing messages, produced by MCTP members, help educate youth about health issues and connect youth to community resources.

MCTP believes that youth who are experiencing success, who are hopeful about their futures, and who are supported by their communities will make positive choices and postpone pregnancy.

MCTP values and promotes:

  • a positive, optimistic view of youth;
  • the cultural and religious differences of our diverse community;
  • the family’s role as primary educators of their children about sexuality;
  • the privacy of adolescents;
  • youth and parent leadership;
  • community supports that enhance the assets of young men and women, connect them to a wider world, and help them avoid risky behaviors; and
  • programs and services that engage young people, that are targeted to areas of highest need, and that set out and meet clearly defined outcomes.

MCTP focuses its efforts on the City of Rochester, NY.